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Children Dentistry


Starting early to take care of oral health is absolutely crucial. According to the American Academy of pediatric dentistry, it is essential that a child starts visiting their dentist immediately once its first tooth comes out.

But however, due to various reasons, people keep on prolonging their visits to the dentists. They dread that the dentist might harm their kid in some way and might cause unnecessary pain. It is essential to note that children dentistry is quite a different from adult ones. It deals mainly with how a child can look after their teeth and gums to prevent further frequent visits to the dentists. This includes the things to eat, drink, the way to brush and such other matters.‘Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.’

How to choose proper children dentistry without compromising on oral health?

Choosing and looking for a dentist specifically for a child in Westminster is not particularly easy. There are a number of things you have to take into consideration since it is your kid’s health that is at stake here. They should have the requisite educational qualifications to go on with their practice. Check to see whether they have completed their dental school and have the requisite knowledge of child psychology and development.
While looking at child dentistry, do take their office atmosphere into consideration as well. Like how well they respond to the questions of the children? Is it kid friendly? How do they react to scared kids? Such things will help you choose better. Listed below are some other things you should look into while choosing a specific dentistry.

Look at experience

A right child dentist should also have a trading of at least 5 to 10 years prior to practicing independently. Check their success rates before you opt for any. This will determine how adept they are to handle the oral health of your child.
Ask for recommendations
Recommendations are a must if you are considering a dentist. You can find out the way they handle kids, the kind of instruments they sue and how apt they are for the kids and also how well they have treated their previous patients. This also helps you to find out the kind of oral healthcare they provide.

How comfortable your child is?

Before you select children dentistry, it is essential that you check it out with your kid. The kid has to be comfortable with the dentist who would be examining them. If they are uncooperative or unwilling, then every time you go for visits, it will turn into a nightmare. So observe how your child reacts and choose wisely. Like for example, with an experienced dentist like Dr. Kaweh Farahbod, you don’t need to worry about it because they have enough experience to handle a kid adeptly during an examination.


The cost is obviously an important factor. The cost depends on the services you choose as well as the children dentistry that you opt for. Usually, the basic rate for an initial examination varies. Like for example, some might cost around $150 while others around $300 which include X-rays and so on. It is essential that you include your child’s dentistry cost into your insurance plan.
Thus, it is essential that you start your kid early on oral health to maintain those teeth and take good care of them. So keep on smiling!

If you are living in Westminster, California, and looking for children dentistry you should contact Dr. Kaweh Farahbod at Westminster Family Dentistry at 1-714-893-1356.


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