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Dental Fillings

Kaweh Farahbod, DDS -  - Family Dentist

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Kaweh Farahbod, DDS

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It’s estimated that over 90% of American adults have tooth decay of some kind. At Westminster Family Dentistry, Kaweh Farahbod, DDS, offers dental fillings to treat decay. Located in Westminster, California, he evaluates patients for cavities — small holes that form in decayed teeth that allow harmful bacteria to seep in. Custom-made dental fillings close up cavities and restore the appearance of healthy looking teeth. To schedule your next appointment at Westminster Family Dentistry, call the office today.

Dental Fillings Q & A

What is a dental filling?

Decay can threaten the structure of your teeth. When decay results in cavities — small holes in your teeth where bacteria can enter— you may need a dental filling to restore your tooth’s health and appearance.

Dental fillings are tooth-colored glass and plastic mixtures that can imitate your tooth’s natural appearance. As a major part of cosmetic dentistry, these fillings are used to alter the size, shape, and color of your teeth. Dental fillings also “fill” in cavities and prevent decay from worsening.

Those who have teeth gaps, chipped teeth, or slightly curved teeth can also benefit from dental fillings. They are also strong enough to withstand the force of constant chewing and with them, you don’t have to change how or what you eat. Dr. Farahbod can install fillings in the back, front, top, or bottom of your mouth.

What are dental fillings made of?

Usually, tooth-colored dental fillings are made of synthetic resin, glass particles, and an adhesive ingredient for the bonding. The three main choices are composite fillings, porcelain inlays, and glass ionomer.

Other materials, such as silver, are sometimes used for fillings because of their durability. However, silver won’t match the appearance of your natural teeth and may bring unwanted attention to your smile.

While composite resin filling is the most popular tooth-colored filling, Dr. Farahbod will help you in choosing the right material for you, depending on factors such as the cost and durability you desire.


How does a dental filling procedure work?

A dental filling procedure is very simple. First, Dr. Farahbod uses local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. Next, he cleans out the decayed materials and removes the damaged portion of your tooth. Then, he carefully applies the putty-like filling material and molds it to match the shape of your natural tooth.

After a polish to smooth out the surface of the filling, Dr. Farahbod makes last-minute adjustments before letting the filling harden. This completes the procedure.

Your filling should last you at least several years. Make sure to maintain regular visits at the office for minor adjustments from time to time.

What are the benefits of dental fillings?

There are a host of benefits associated with dental fillings, including:

  • No chances of side-effects or health risks
  • White filling bonding restores original tooth strength up to 95%
  • They're easily repairable if damaged
  • It takes just seconds for the filling to harden completely
  • They blend perfectly with the rest of your smile

If you want to learn more about dental fillings, call Westminster Family Dentistry today and schedule a consultation at the office.