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Dental Crowns


Restore your damaged teeth with dental crowns in Westminster Family Dentistry
As we are, our teeth should also be in style always. For the natural teeth, it’s important to take proper care, and if damaged, they have to be repaired. That’s the ultimate idea. If a tooth has been de-shaped or weakened, you can always get it corrected with dental crowns. This is a very common procedure used today.


What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are accessories used for dental improvement. It is a tooth-shaped cap which is placed over a decayed or broken tooth to refurbish its damaged shape. Dental crowns cover the whole visible portion of your tooth or teeth lying above your gum line.
Besides improving appearance, our dentist makes sure the crowns also enhance its strength and functionality.

In which conditions is a dental crown required?

Well, a dentist uses dental crowns for these following reasons –

For restoring a broken tooth, that may also have been severely damaged.
For protecting a decayed or weak tooth from breaking.
If not many teeth are left, crowns can be used to cover using large fillings.
When dental bridges are placed, crowns help them to stay in place.
They are also used for cosmetic purposes.
For covering badly discolored teeth or correcting their shapes.
Not only adults but also children might require dental crowns for their baby or primary teeth. Conditions can be –

Children often don’t practice regular oral hygiene leading to high risk to decaying. Here dental crowns are used to protect these teeth.
If a severely damaged tooth doesn’t support a filling, it is again restored by dental crowns.
With us, you will get treatment for all these problems. Our dentist is specialized to carry out a personalized care considering your medical health and requirements.

How is the procedure of getting these crowns?

The procedure of fitting a dental crown takes in two sittings with your dentist.
1st sitting:
During this first sitting, your dentist will use local anesthesia to numb that particular tooth and surrounding gum tissues.
Once done, he would next take your tooth’s impression. A few millimeters of your tooth surface has to be trimmed away, on all sides.
An experienced dentist also removes any existing decay with a tooth structure.
He gives it a little-tapered shape for the dental crown to perfectly slip in.
After preparing the tooth, he takes its impression to formulate the dental crown of right size in the laboratory.
By the time your crown gets prepared, you might need to wait for one to two weeks. The dentist will place a temporary crown for that period.
2nd sitting:
In this sitting, your crown will be placed after removing that temporary one. If you get it done with us, we first ensure that it fits the shade and appearance of your natural teeth. After that, we go for cementing the dental crown.
We hate to keep our patients waiting and hence make sure, the whole process completes fast but with proficiency.

Why should you visit Dr. Kaweh Farahbod for dental crowns?
Dr. Kaweh Farahbod not only offers you a specialized treatment for long time results but also guides you for post-treatment care. He uses advanced methods to give you best results. Additionally, the cost of treatment is also low and affordable.
Getting an appointment with him is convenient. If you are in Westminster, California and looking for dental crowns, you can contact us at Westminster Family Dentistry anytime.

“Life is really short, smile while you still have teeth.” And if not, call us.

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