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Emergency Dental Care


What is Emergency Dental Care?

Once in the middle of the night, you wake up to experience a severe toothache. You neither have a family dentist nor is any nearby clinic open at that hour. What are your supposed to do? Wait for the next day to set in and then visit a dentist? 

This is one example of an emergency when you might need immediate dental care. The first thing when a dental emergency occurs is to call your dentist. Sometimes these immediate situations are so serious, that a delay of 30 minutes can result in losing your teeth.
Oral injuries are often extremely painful and hence should be treated by a dentist at the earliest.

What are the dental emergency situations?

Emergencies are, however, not always sudden pains in teeth or gum. There are several conditions which are considered as dental emergencies and need immediate care. We are discussing some of them here –

  • Broken tooth – When a broken tooth has got sharp ends or knocked out of its position, then that’s a case of dental emergency. Or else, the tongue, lips or gum may be damaged.
  • Severe bleeding – If you experience extreme blood loss for more than few minutes, a dentist has to take a prompt action then. You just need to rush to him.
  • Avulsed tooth – This means the tooth that has completely knocked out. There are chances of bleeding and severe pain. Don’t neglect to visit the emergency department as quickly as possible.
  • Extruded tooth – An extruded tooth is also a knock out one but doesn’t come out actually. It often hangs with thin threads of tissues and this is obviously a case of dental emergency.
  • Injury in tissue – If there is any injury in your cheeks, lips, tongue, anywhere in your mouth, that is considered as tissue injury. In case you face any such problem, the first thing to do is wash that area with warm water. And then seek your dentist’s suggestion soon.
    Here in our dental care center, our emergency medical team is ready round the clock to offer you immediate attention with a necessary cure. Call us directly to know more details.

How to stay prepared for a dental emergency?

This kind of situation is an accident, so it is essential to stay prepared beforehand.

The first person to contact during an emergency is your family dentist. You can consult Dr. Kaweh Farahbod, who is a renowned family dentist in California. We can help you make the arrangement.
Keep your dental emergency kit handy.
What includes in this kit?

  • Name of your dentist
  • His contact number and address
  • A small covered container
  • Gauze or cotton
  • Handkerchief

Why should you come to Dr. Kaweh Farahbod?

Because he is one of the most experienced and proficient family dentists in Westminster, California. Again dental treatments are expensive ones, but Dr. Kaweh Farahbod is appreciated to offer them at an affordable cost. His specialized arrangement for emergency medical care is always ready to meet immediate needs of his patients.
Do you think you have an emergency dental situation? Contact us today!


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