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Deep Cleaning


Do you have infected gums? Go for a deep cleaning.
Are you in a continuous struggle to whiten your teeth by brushing them effectively? Oh! Your case is not so uncommon. The teeth that take credit of perfectly beautiful smiles are always under attack from various factors that ultimately affect gums.


While yellowed enamel can be treated by teeth whitening and other dental methods, gum and tooth disease need specialized treatment with deep cleaning. Here is a guide from our experienced dentist. 

What is deep cleaning?

As it may sound to some, deep cleaning is not something that you do when you have skipped some visits to the dentist. Rather, deep cleaning is the process where your dentist removes bacteria and plaque from below gums when they are infected. With this method, chances of bone loss are prevented that may lead to teeth loosening.

When a dentist diagnoses existing gum disease (which is both curable and preventable), it’s time to get a deep cleaning. This whole thing if not treated in time would only complicate other health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and/or blood sugar.

Deep cleaning is also known as scaling or root planning. With us, you will get complete guidance to deep cleaning and its cure.

What are the possible causes of gum disease?

Some of the many factors are –

  • Bacterial attack on trapped food (food stuck in between your teeth)
  • Irregular dental check-ups 
  • Improper brushing habits
  • Lack of flossing
  • Health conditions like diabetes
  • Pregnancy often leads to gum disease and temporary inflammation attacks
  • Menopause, puberty, or other hormonal changes
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Smoking and intake of alcohol, etc.

What is the process of deep cleaning?

Different techniques are there to conduct the procedure of deep cleaning. They are –

Scaling: This is used to remove the tartar present above and below your gum line.
Root Planning: Through this method, rough spots are smoothened while also removing infected parts of a tooth.
Lasers: To avoid pain and bleeding caused by scaling and root planning, tartars can be removed by lasers too.  

A dentist will first numb that affected area to be worked upon.
He will next do scaling or deep cleaning to take out calculus below your gum line till the teeth roots.
In this stage, the infectious bacteria gets removed.
Once done, the dentist moves to the planning process where he smoothens root areas. It is done to prevent chances of bacterial growth in the future.
We use the best technique that suits your requirement causing minimal pain. We have a highly experienced family dentist who conducts deep cleaning with state-of-the-art medical technology. For more details, you can always contact our office.  

How does our dentist diagnose gum disease?

Dentists can diagnose gum disease if the patient has:

Any gum pocket with more than 4 mm depth after a month’s examination
   If there is a bone loss as per the x-ray
   The infected gums bleed, becoming red and swollen
The areas affected may either spread through your whole mouth or limit to a certain area. We choose to take the appropriate method based on your health and oral condition.

Why choose Dr. Kaweh Farahbod for deep cleaning?

If you are staying in Westminster, California we offer you an exclusive opportunity to get treated from Dr. Kaweh Farahbod. He is one of the best and trusted family dentists who offers personalized treatment to your whole family.

Get in touch with us for improving your oral health at an affordable cost. Leave an impression in people’s hearts with your healthy smile.


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