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Dental White Fillings


Today, people are more conscious about how they look, especially when it comes to teeth. Reason? Don’t forget that your smile is the first candidate to greet people and leave an ever-lasting impression. And there’re teeth behind every sweet smile.


What if you have decaying teeth that cause unhygienic oral health and bad breath? Relax! You can always get them restored using dental white fillings and get back your natural look again.

What are dental white fillings?

White fillings are tooth colored glass and plastic mixtures that can imitate the tooth’s natural appearance. As a major part of cosmetic dentistry, these fillings are used to alter the size, shape and color of your teeth.

Those who have teeth gaps, chipped teeth or slightly curved ones prefer this approach of white fillings for an enhanced appearance and perfection. Unlike silver fillings which are visible while you laugh, tooth colored fillings are too natural to get identified by anyone.
Also, these are strong enough to withstand the force of constant chewing. Our dentist can fit them both in the back as well as the front of your mouth efficiently.

What are they made of?

Usually, white fillings are made of synthetic resin, glass particles and an ingredient for the setting. The three main choices are composite fillings, porcelain inlays and glass ionomer.
While composite resin filling is the most popular tooth-colored filling, Dr. Kaweh Farahbod will give you an appropriate solution in choosing the right material for you. Contact us for further details.

What are the benefits dental white fillings provide?

Most people, nowadays, take an approach towards dental white fillings because of these many advantageous factors, like –

  • The artificial material perfectly blends with the natural ones
  • Reduces sensitivity and discomfort post treatment
  • No chances of side-effects or health risks
  • White filling bonding restores original strength up to 95%
  • These are easily repairable if damaged
  • It takes just seconds to harden completely

If you contact the dentist with us, he can give you more details about the material used and its benefit.

Is the process complicated?

That’s a common fear among all, but dental fillings actually take 4 simple steps.

  • Use of local anesthesia to disrupt communication between mouth and brain.
  • Next, your mouth is prepared using different materials like rubber dam, bite block, etc.
  • The dentist then removes that damaged portion caused due to tooth decay.
  • Now, the dental white filling is used to replace that decay.

Hence, it’s that simple. Have this courage to go ahead with proper dental treatment and have a healthy life. Always keep in mind that,
“Oral treatment is not expensive, but neglect is.” Before it’s too late, visit the dentist’s clinic for early detection and prevention.

Who is the best dentist nearby?

If you are looking for dental white fillings, you have this best option to contact Dr. Kaweh Farahbod. He has been practicing for years now and with this wealth of experience, he is capable of making the right diagnosis.

His excellent treatment following advanced methodology is appreciated by all across Westminster, California. He has a team of well-trained specialists also looks forward to the overall improvement of a patient’s health.

Add on to that, while the cost of white fillings is quite expensive than other dental treatments, Dr. Farahbod offers a package affordable by all. If you have other dental problems, you don’t have to visit different dental specialists for different reasons. As his patients say, he has proved to be an extremely reliable and trusted family dentist.

Are you willing to get an appointment with him? It’ easy! Contact us to know more. It would be a pleasure to help you.


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