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How to Find the Best Family Dentist in Orange County, CA

Westminster Family Dentistry can give your smile an elongated life

“Oh! I have perfectly fine teeth. Why do I need to visit the dentist?”

That’s what we see most people often saying, isn’t that? But if you too believe in this same concept, you might have to compromise with your smile in the long run. For avoiding any such situation, it is important to make availing family dentistry a habit.

What is family dentistry?

Unlike the specialized one, family dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with a wide range of services. Although it is related to general maintenance of your oral health, some key exceptions make family dentistry slightly different from general dentistry.
While general dentists treat adults only, family dentists offer dental services regardless of age. They provide routine cleanings, missing teeth replacement, fillings, teeth whitening and more to your whole family, from kids to oldies.

Why choose our family dentistry service instead of specialized dental care?

Well, there are many benefits of going to the family dentist instead of specialized dental care. Here they are –

1. Regular dental check-ups to avoid alarming oral issues:

Very simply, a family dentist at the first choice might eliminate the cause of visiting a specialized service. Regular check-ups of the teeth would not only help maintain good oral hygiene, but also prevent the chances of serious oral problems through early detection.

2. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving choice:

Visiting a periodontist for gums and again for an orthodontist for correcting the teeth would cost you a hefty amount and your time as well. But a family dentist would provide you all these major dental services at one center at a reasonable price package. It saves a lot of time after all.

3. Secured care:

Getting treated by the same dentist would make you feel safe and secured. You know trust even matters here as, surely, you would get superior quality dental services. So, the chances of risks are reduced.

4. No more anxiety:

Children are equally prone to dental problems, and going to a dentist is like a nightmare to most, even for some adults. However, visiting the same dentist regularly would reduce anxiety among a family, making it into a fun-filled affair. Also, if your children see you visit your family dentist after every 6 months, they would easily make it a habit from a very early age.

“Take control of your habit and hence, your life.”

What are some of the treatments carried out by our family dentist?

Besides check-ups and clean-ups, a reliable and experienced family dentist would provide services like:
a. Tooth whitening
b. Dental crowns
c. Dental fillings
d. Tooth extraction
e. Root canal
f. Dentures
g. Wisdom teeth extraction
h. Dental bridges
i. Dental veneers, etc.
Additionally, as trained, the dentist would provide emergency dental care too.

Who can provide such a service?

Are you living in or around the city of Westminster, Orange County, California? We are located in the city of Westminster, California. You can contact one of the best and highly experienced family dentists, Dr. Kaweh Farahbod at 1-714-893-1356 for a free consultation for high-quality service. With him, here you will get personalized care that your family deserves.

If you are still worried about going to a family dentist, remember that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There’s no need to take your time off every other day to visit different specialized dentists. Instead, take a one-day-leave and visit your trusted family dentist with your family together. May your smile have a long life!

Westminster Family Dentistry

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