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Summer time, dental trauma

We just got done with easter, another candy driven holiday. I was shocked to read that after haloween,  Easter is the second holiday when it comes to sugar consumption. Hopefully we will see the after effects of this,in general health or dental health.

Summer time is around the corner and our office took care of the first casualty of this year. A young man was doing tricks around a swimming pool and fell down and fractured his front tooth. Be careful around the surfboard ,swimming pools and all the other fun activities. we wish everyone a happy and healthy summer.

Kaweh Farahbod D.D.S Kaweh Farahbod was born in Iran on 7/15/1964. after finishing high school , he moved to the united states to complete his higher education. He completed his undergraduate studies and doctorate degree from university of Nebraska -Lincoln. After practicing dentistry for 5 years in grand Island ,Nebraska he moved to California . He settled in san clemente with his wife Marjan and their two daughters. He enjoys reading ,hiking and Lakers Basketball.

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