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NCAA Tournament, College sports Post pandemic and mouth gaurds

The College basketball season is approching the end. So many great young men and women compete in the NCAA tournament this year.

It is so refreshing to see an American tradition is back in full swing after two years of restrictions.It is defentely another step toward normal life post pandemic.

Most of these great athletes will never compete at the professional level. So this is the biggest stage of their lives. the competition is fierce and the heartbreaks are real.

One area that concerns me is that very few players wear a protective mouthgaurd . I have seen many Patients with trauma caused in the playing field.   I hope more emphsis will be placed on safety.

Kaweh Farahbod D.D.S Kaweh Farahbod was born in Iran on 7/15/1964. after finishing high school , he moved to the united states to complete his higher education. He completed his undergraduate studies and doctorate degree from university of Nebraska -Lincoln. After practicing dentistry for 5 years in grand Island ,Nebraska he moved to California . He settled in san clemente with his wife Marjan and their two daughters. He enjoys reading ,hiking and Lakers Basketball.

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