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Post covid outlook of dentistry

Post covid dentistry brings many new challenges and opportunities to the dental community.

Many have lost their jobs and benefits, some are still not sure about going back to the dentist.

On the other hand covid helped us understand how to protect ourselves and others against any communicable diseases. As a matter of fact dental offices had been one of the most sterile envirnments even prior to covid. like everyone else we had to increase the intensity of our protocals ,however we were not too far off the highest standards for infection control.

Going forward I hope that we all appreciate our most valuable asset in our life, our health. Lets be kinder to each other and enjoy everday to the fullest

Kaweh Farahbod D.D.S Kaweh Farahbod was born in Iran on 7/15/1964. after finishing high school , he moved to the united states to complete his higher education. He completed his undergraduate studies and doctorate degree from university of Nebraska -Lincoln. After practicing dentistry for 5 years in grand Island ,Nebraska he moved to California . He settled in san clemente with his wife Marjan and their two daughters. He enjoys reading ,hiking and Lakers Basketball.

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