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Root Canal 101

Root Canal may be the most feared phrase when it comes to dental procdures. Many Patients have built this incorrect fear of getting a rootcanl procedure completed.

It is important to note that if a partient reaches sufficient level of dental anesthesia , having a root canal procedure performed should be no different than getting a filling .

Root canals are usually necesarry when the dental nerve is exposed or damaged.this is most commonly caused by unattended deep decay, however trauma could cause an exposed nerve also.

After making sure that patient is completely numb,the dentist will remove the damaged or infected nerve from a small canal inside of the root(hence the term Root Canal). the inside of the root is cleaned thoroghly and filled with a special medicated filling material. this is considerd a minor surgical procdure and therefore having minor discomfort following a root canal should be expected.

In most cases a tooth needs a crown or Onlay to protect it following a rootcanal as it tends to get more brittle.

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Kaweh Farahbod D.D.S Kaweh Farahbod was born in Iran on 7/15/1964. after finishing high school , he moved to the united states to complete his higher education. He completed his undergraduate studies and doctorate degree from university of Nebraska -Lincoln. After practicing dentistry for 5 years in grand Island ,Nebraska he moved to California . He settled in san clemente with his wife Marjan and their two daughters. He enjoys reading ,hiking and Lakers Basketball.

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